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Fran Costigan's goodies are a treat for both body and soul; I can't think of anything more delicious than her famous Chocolate Cakes to Live For... they are sheer heaven!
Kathy Freston: Author, #1 NY Times bestseller VEGANIST

After eschewing butter, cream, and eggs for vegan versions in the ‘80s, Costigan has shaped the art of vegan baking like no other. In fact, many say that Costigan is the country's first-ever vegan pastry chef, and her flawless cakes, cookies, and tarts will make you a believer.
Colleen Holland, Publisher of VegNews Magazine

I'm still drooling thinking about the chocolate plant-strong wedding cake you made for our wedding.
Rip Esselstyn, author of the award-winning Engine 2 Diet

I took my first vegan cooking class with Fran when I was in high school visiting New York with my mom. Fran was fabulous and her class inspired me to attend The Natural Gourmet Institute. She is as lovely and warm as she is a great baker!
Chef Chloe Coscarelli, Winner of Cupcake Wars on The Food Network, cookbook author, restauranteur By Chloe

Fran Costigan's information packed book showcases her vast experience as a professional pastry chef and her dedication to healthy cuisine. Fran has triumphed in what I consider the most difficult aspect of natural foods cooking. Having had the great fortune to sample many of Fran's luscious desserts, I can say only that "The proof is in the pudding and the cakes and the tarts..."
Ken Bergeron, author of Professional Vegetarian Cooking, Gold Medal in the Culinary Olympics

I've personally baked with Fran at one of her vegan baking boot camps in NYC and can say first hand that everything is tasty, easy to make and just plain wonderful. Buy the book, and start with the chocolate cake to live for. Next the delectable uncoffeecake, and then the very tasty great big orange bundt cake. You will love them all.
Debra, Member American Personal Chef Association (APCA), MI

I met Fran for the first time last year in Virginia, at one of her incredible dessert classes. Although trained as a pastry chef myself, I learned so much
from Fran. She is knowledgeable, has a great sense of humour and is a
terrific teacher. Fran is unquestionably the chef to turn to for in-depth information about dairy and egg-free (vegan) desserts.
Beryl Loveland: pastry chef, teacher; owner, Beryl's Cake Decorating & Pastry Supplies

Chef Fran Costigan is an amazing instructor.  I was slightly hesitant to register for the Vegan Baking Boot Camp, but after the week was over I was so so happy I did.  I feel so inspired and rejuvenated!! Fran's encouagement and generosity of ideas, recipes & tips is much appreciated. I did learn a lot and she kept our team excited and engaged. 

My team for the week consisted of: a French Pastry Chef from Paris, a Chocolatier from San Francisco and myself; a professional NYC vegan baker.  We were challenged and kept moving every second.  There were all types of students in our class. Some business owners, some food industry workers, home bakers and career changers. Learning from each other was a great experience, too. I'm already checking out Fran's upcoming classes to enroll in." Christine Hawkins, Student at Boot Camp 2010

After completing Vegan Baking Boot Camp, I made a custom birthday pie with Fran’s component theory: that her recipes are building blocks. I used the conversions in her book as a reference--the math worked perfectly! I'm grateful that I can always count on Fran's recipes to work reliably. I used the cookie crust recipe, substituting toasted coconut for the almonds. I made a coconut crème, plus banana creme (banana creme pie recipe). Agave and maple syrup sweetened, and agar and kuzu thickened the creams. The crust was layered with jam-glazed sliced bananas, coconut creme, banana creme and more toasted coconut. Mmm, mmm, mmm…Dessert Heaven!Cindy Briolotta, Health Counselor, Brooklyn

I’m a fan of traditional pastry – flaky, buttery pie crusts, sugar cookies made with white sugar and wheat flour, rich pastry creams and all of that. I’ve even worked as a pastry chef. But when I wanted to make a chocolate cake for a vegan friend, I didn’t know where to begin. Thankfully Fran Costigan came to the rescue. I made her Chocolate Cake. I couldn’t believe how utterly delicious it was! No one who tasted the tender-crumbed, dark chocolate cake guessed that it was made with whole-wheat pastry flour, maple syrup, no eggs and oil instead of butter. Even I, the big doubter, was terribly impressed and very pleased to know that such good confections can be made in a healthful manner without losing their taste. Cooking from Fran’s book has taught me to open my mind to new possibilities. Vegan I am not, but I’d make this cake (and many of her other recipes) again, purely for my own selfish enjoyment.
Deborah Madison, award-winning author of Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone & Seasonal Fruit Desserts

Look what I did to surprise my lovely wife. Fran-your recipes are great!"
Phillies fan from PA

The Cake and the cookies that Fran created for our family were out of this world!
It was heaven on earth for me to feed these delicious morsels to Chevy and our daughters -- pleasurable AND healthy AND good for our planet all rolled up together! EVERYONE needs to experience Fran's creations!Jayni Chase

More Great Good Dairy Free Desserts Naturally is the best baking book that I own - and I have a LOT!! After purchasing the book here, I was so impressed, that I traveled from Dublin to New York to attend Fran's Vegan Baking Boot Camp Intensive - what a fantastic experience! If you are interested in baking healthier desserts that taste like desserts- this is the book for you. The instructions are detailed and lead to consistent results. I highly recommend this book to everyone! I did go home with a copy of Fran’s first book, Great Good Desserts Naturally and am using it as well.
Mary Doyle, Owner of Petite Treats, Dublin, Ireland

Fran's desserts are over the top and good for you too.
Joy Pierson & Bart Potenza: Owners, Candle 79 & Candle Café

Who wouldn’t love to merge health and dessert?  It appears that Fran Costigan's intent is to create delicious desserts that are decadent, but also provide real nutritional value.  From my perspective, she has certainly succeeded.
Fran Costigan’s extensive culinary experience combined with her desire to have her cake and eat it too has resulted in too many ‘healthy’ dessert recipes to fit into  just one cookbook.  More Great Good Dairy-Free Desserts Naturally is a follow up to her first work, Great Good Desserts Naturally! It would be hard to top this second edition. Alisa Fleming:

I made the Chocolate Cake to Live For again (it seems to be better each time I make it) for our wedding anniversary. I thought it was a great way to celebrate: make a cake for ourselves. My husband loved it.Aylene, Culinary, San Francisco

For my son's 7th birthday he wanted chocolate cupcakes in school. As a mom who makes a living helping parents raise healthy children, I grabbed "More Great Good Dairy-Free Desserts Naturally" and made the Chocolate live for. Only twist was I bought dinosaur molds and made very cool 3-d dinosaur "cupcakes." You should have seen the faces on the kids in his class when we handed these out -- and then lots of mmmm's and smiles after the first bite! I usually bring in frozen bananas for a healthy, dairy free birthday treat, and although those usually go over great, I know my son was so happy to have a cake option this year. 
Thanks Fran!Michele Katz, 

I tasted Fran Costigan's new incredible organic- gourmet vegan twinkie at a book party. It is simply the most delightful dessert I have had in a long time (well, since a friend brought me her Chocolate Cake to Live For)! Fran’s version of the twinkie is refreshing and light, sweet but not too sweet and would be perfect for an after dinner treat when you don't want a heavy dessert--or the perfect mid-day pick me up with tea! I wish I could have Fran personally make me a batch every week......”
Lucy Woodward, recording artist, Atlantic Records 'while you can'

WOW! My baby daughter was diagnosed with egg and dairy allergies, so I thought our dessert future was looking pretty gloomy. I love to bake and I could never have thought that something that has no eggs or dairy can taste sooooo good. The recipes are easy to follow, and don’t take too much time.Elena, South Auckland, New Zealand

My husband ate a piece of the Chocolate Cake To Live for and claimed it is the best chocolate cake he has ever had in his chocolate filled lifetime! Of all traditional and vegan cakes this cake is the best!
Katie McDonald, Rochester, NY

I used Fran’s recipe to make a wedding cake, right after I took a class with her. I made 14 and a 10 inch cakes (a total of 4 recipes). They came out perfect. I also made the chocolate filling. I was finished baking by 1am and up by seven to make Fran’s Save the Bees Baklava for the party and to decorate the cake. I stacked the cakes. It was great.!
Everyone loved the cake, I didn't tell anyone at the party about the tofu--until after serving, per Fran’s advice. Of course, no one could believe how good the desserts were, vegan or not!
Thanks Fran!Monica Presbytera, Queens NY