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Juicing It in L.A.


Robin Anbell's Kale Carrot Bonus Round

Mise en place for a glass of Kale-Carrot Bonus Round from Juice It!

I’m a long time fan of my friend and colleague Robin Asbell’s cookbooks, as well as an avid juicer, so I was excited to receive a copy of her newly released book, Juice It: Energizing Blends for Today’s Juicers. I was eager to start juicing as soon as I saw the bright and cheery cover of the beautifully photographed book. And, I was quite surprised and delighted to read in the dedication:–“I also owe a big plant-based ovation to Fran Costigan for serving me green juices.” Visit me and it’s a given you’ll be offered a juice or smoothie and later, a vegan chocolate dessert. Robin’s smart new book of 65 recipes that include both kinds of juice-based drinks will expand my repertoire. I’ll be trying more of Robin’s combinations and her suggestions for what to do with the pulp, including the Cocoa Pulp Muffins.

It was hard to choose among the appealing recipes, but I decided on the Kale Carrot Bonus Round. Of the four ingredients needed, kale stems are my number one juicing staple, and I liked the idea of replacing my usual lemon with a lime. As I visiting my family in Los Angeles at the time and an abundance of kale and limes, as well as cucumber and carrots were in the refrigerator, I was ready to go, even on a hectic, get-the-girls-to-school-on time kind of morning. While they ate their oatmeal, I made juice in the Breuville juice Fountain Plus (at home I use an older  smaller Breuville  and drank my juice. The Costigals, ages 6 and 8 declined a taste. They prefer Vitamix made smoothies but since Juice It has recipes for blended drinks too, they are covered, as are all of you.

Robin’s publisher, Chronicle graciously gave me permission to share the recipe, straight out of the cookbook–or uncookbook, I suppose, and a book for a giveaway. My notes and book giveaway information follow the recipe.


Drink your vegetables.

A good glass of vegetable juice from Robin Asbell’s Juice It!


Kale-Carrot Bonus Round: Made with Kale Stems–Carrot-Cucumber-Lime, from Juice It by Robin Asbell.

I love cooking with kale, but sometimes I just want the leafy parts in my dish. That’s when I save the stems for juicing. In this hearty juice, the assertive flavor of kale is balanced with sweet carrots and cucumber and a jolt of lime.

Makes about 2 cups/480 ml

  • 4 cups/200 g packed kale stems
  • 6 medium carrots
  • 1 medium cucumber
  • 1/2 lime, peeled

Juice the kale stems, carrots, cucumber, and lime, in that order. Run the pulp through again to extract as much liquid as possible.

Juice It GIVEAWAY:  Do you prefer to juice or blend – or do you do both?

Leave your answer here and/or on my facebook page : Fran Costigan Vegan Pastry Chef and you might win a copy of  Robin’s new book. The contest is open to U.S. residents only and runs from 4/27 to 5/9midnight, EST. The winner will be chosen at random and announced on 5/10.




What else I’m excited about now! The Main Street Vegan Cruise next February. Host Victoria Moran and I have been consulting with the NCL executive chefs and staff! Everyone is onboard to make this cruise very special!! Wellness, well-being, good company, delicious vegan food and plenty of time for FUN!


Image 2

Join Victoria Moran, Fran Costigan, Dr. Will Tuttle and Michael Greger, MD for the inaugural Main Street Vegan Cruise on the grand NCL Breakaway from NYC!  Our charitable partner is Farm Sanctuary.


Important reminder…. to be a part of the Main Street Vegan group and participate in all our private activities onboard and vegan meal plan, you must book your cabin thru the official RESERVATION number 1-800-828-4813, with our friends at Hartford Holidays. Hope to see you onboard….

Your Cruise Director,  Arie

For more information, follow the links below! (Book and tell them Fran sent you!)










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15 thoughts on “Juicing It in L.A.

      1. Fran Post author

        I agree with you about the nutrients in this juice. Plus it tastes good!
        Good luck.

  1. Liz Hoffman

    I prefer juicing. I make salads and stir fry veggies all the time and I love using all the leftover, juicy stems and cuts to make a delicious and nutritious juice. And then, I use the remaining pulp from the juicing to make a fabulous vegetable broth to use to stir fry my veggies. A very cool, continuous cycle of recycling and using it all!

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