Cacao, Matcha, and Kale Smoothie


I’m in Seattle and drinking more coffee than my usual but also eating plenty greens. I started my day today at my cousin’s house with this smoothie, before I realized it was National Kale Day, and without taking a photo of this very satisfying breakfast. Here is the recipe. I hope you enjoy.

Kale is the champion of Team Cruciferous—a medalist in every Healthy Veggie Olympic contest. Blend that kale with cancer-fighting, energy-boosting, calorie-burning, and detoxifying matcha tea; flavanol-rich raw cacao; and the good fat in avocado, and your day is made. Or, you can choose to drink this smoothie just because it tastes really good.

Matcha newbies, note that the taste is strong—a little goes a long way. Start with the smaller amount. I like the slightly astringent taste of matcha, but if you don’t, use less. You can use any kind of cocoa powder you like – it will be delicious, but it won’t be a ‘raw’ if you use Dutch-process.

Note: If using a high-speed blender, the kale leaf can go in whole and the smoothie will be creamy in minutes. If using a standard blender, tear the kale into small pieces before adding it to the blender and process longer.



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