Chilling out with Cantaloupe Sorbet and Fruit Salad

Fruit Salad with Cantalope Sorbet

Refreshing Cantaloupe Sorbet is cooling and hydrating, and it will help you beat the summer heat. Serve it on top of fruit salad for a healthy dessert. It's vegan and gluten-freeA refreshing scoop of cantaloupe sorbet and 2 teaspoons of mint sugar took my use-what-I-had fresh fruit salad to next level dessert-worthy. Think about it: Cooling, hydrating, and no-oven needed, this dessert deliciously helped me beat the 100°F temps in Philly. And, sure, it’s healthy, too.

Fruit Salad with Cantalope SorbetFruit Salad with Cantaloupe Sorbet

Snuggled in with the blueberries, raspberries, and an unpeeled peach were a couple of little diced sweet-as-sugar tomatoes. This fruit salad was already good enough to eat, but the addition of a teaspoon of just made mint sugar and a scoop of cantaloupe sorbet took it next level. “Enough for two?” you are thinking. I’d say yes, but I actually ate it all.

I’ll tell you what I did to make the sorbet—twice actually—using the same cantaloupe puree. If I had more melon, I’d have tried a third method which is likely the quickest of all.

Mise En Place Fruit Salad
You’ll see a small bowl of a new caramel that I did not use. But I will post this simple recipe made with date syrup soon! It is quite simply chewy and luscious.

Prepare the Melon

  • Choose your melon. When it is ripe, refrigerate it. Mine was not very tasty. Lime juice helped.
  • Wash your melon! Not optional.
  • Cut your melon. Use a cutting board with a sharp knife.
  • Scoop out the seeds. Compost or discard them.
  • Slice into wedges. Remove the rind.
  • Slice or dice into cubes. Refrigerate in a covered container.

Ice Cream Machine Cantalope SorbetMethod 1: Ice Cream Maker Cantaloupe Sorbet

  • First, I pureed the melon in a food processor, added 1 tablespoon of lime juice, and chilled the puree before churning it in my ice cream maker. I have a compressor unit which means plug-it-in-and-go, but ice cream makers like these work well. It’s what my daughter uses.
  • In 20 minutes, I saw soft-serve sorbet. I didn’t expect this sorbet to have much body, it actually did. I choose not to add cream or sweetener to make a richer ice cream.
  • Next, I spooned the sorbet into a container and froze it for 1 hour. I ate a small scoop and it was quite good, but it did melt very quickly, even in a chilled cup.

Frozen Cantalope Cubes Method 2: Food Processor Cantaloupe Sorbet

  • The next day, the frozen sorbet was rock-hard, so I let it melt in my refrigerator, wanting to try another method. When the puree was liquid again, I stirred it and poured it into silicon ice cube trays.
  • When the cubes were frozen solid, I processed them in the bowl of my food processor. At first, I thought it might be granita, but it did actually pack into sorbet. This is easier.

Frozen Cantalope Cubes as granita sorbetMethod 3

While I didn’t try this out since I was out of melon, next time, I’ll just freeze melon cubes and process them. Do you think this will work?

Fruit Salad with Cantalope SorbetMake the Fruit Salad

  • Assemble the fruit salad right in a serving bowl.
  • Rinse and shake dry the berries
  • Wash, stone, and cut the peaches into rather small chunks.
  • Add a bit of citrus juice. I used 2 teaspoons.
  • Optional: Add 1 – 2 teaspoons or more to taste of mint sugar or the same amount of maple syrup.
  • Add a scoop of the melon sorbet. Add some chiffonade basil and mint and nasturtium leaves (I had one teeny one on my plant)!

Fruit Salad after 40 minnutes with cantalope syrupI wanted to dig right in but waited to see how long it would take for the sorbet to melt into a natural syrup for the fruit salad. It took 15 minutes and was very flavorful.

Mint Sugar

Mint Sugar

Mint sugar

Fran Costigan
I love adding this mint sugar to my fruit salad to take it to the next level. It's also delicious in iced tea. A little goes a long way. You'll need a spice grinder or coffee grinder to make this mint sugar. I have one from Cuisinart that I use to grind small quantities.
Prep Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes
Course Condiment
Cuisine American


  • 3 tablespoons organic cane sugar
  • 4-6 good-sized mint leaves
  • 2 teaspoons tapioca starch optional


  • Grind everything in a spice or coffee grinder until the sugar is fine and the mint is completely incorporated with no bits of leaves remaining. The sugar will be a lovely light green and scented with mint flavor.
  • Store in a small jar, tightly covered.


The addition of tapioca starch will keep your mint sugar fluffy.
Keyword mint sugar
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