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The Plant-Based Lifestyle Summit. Boost Your Energy, Achieve Your Optimal Health, and Never Feel Deprived Again!

Starting February 12, our friend Shelly Hughes, Health Coach and Plant-Based Cooking Instructor, is hosting a no-cost online plant-based lifestyle summit – The Plant-Based Lifestyle Summit. Boost Your Energy, Achieve Your Optimal Health, and Never Feel Deprived Again!

Maybe you are thinking about changing the way you eat, whether it’s because you want to lose weight, or because your doctor diagnosed you with high cholesterol or diabetes, or maybe you just want to feel better! This no-cost plant-based lifestyle summit offers you the opportunity to get expert advice.

Shelly has brought together 21 experts in healthy eating, healthy living (myself included), to share their best advice for transitioning to a healthier, plant-based lifestyle.

Grab your spot, at no cost, here.

When you go to the link above and sign up to claim your complimentary spot on this series of powerful conversations, you’ll hear expert advice from doctors, bloggers, researchers, chefs, and coaches.

Specifically, you learn:

  • Where to start when transitioning to a plant-based diet, and how to make the transition as smoothly as possible so it feels like a natural progression rather than a sudden change or an exercise in deprivation.
  • How to deal with emotional eating and food cravings so you can stay on track for optimal health.
  • The truth about what you should and shouldn’t eat, so you’re never confused or stuck wondering what’s “okay,” and what isn’t.
  • Delicious, nutritious substitutions for your favorite foods so you don’t feel deprived as you strive for better health.
  • Tips for socializing, dining out, and traveling while successfully living a plant-based lifestyle so you can go out and enjoy yourself without getting derailed.
  • And more.

Reserve your spot, at no cost, here!

I hope you will join us next week for an informative, and fun summit! I will be sending a gift of an ebook to my readers who sign up for the summit.

Warmest wishes,

Fran Costigan


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