Last Minute Vegan Thanksgiving Desserts

Baked Alaska

Fran Costigan's Vegan Baked AlaskaWe can all use some last minute vegan Thanksgiving Desserts, right? By Wednesday, I think most everyone who celebrates Thanksgiving has their meal planned, whether it is a cooked at home meal or a picked up a from a caterer or a market meal.

Today with caterers like Philadelphia’s Miss Rachel Pantry doing full meals, and Philly’s own chefs Rich Landau and Kate Jacoby of Vedge collaborating with Whole Foods Markets– nationwide on vegan Thanksgiving meals, celebrating vegan Thanksgiving has never been easier.

Fran Costigan's Vegan Chocolate Truffles
Photo @Kate Lewis

For the vegans in mixed families, animal-free roasts from Field Roast, Gardein, and Tofurky—even Trader Joe has one—are popular as center of the plate, assuming you can still find one. All over the web, we are seeing posts from people saying—help, the roasts are sold out!

In the same way that I always liked the sides more than turkey in my pre-vegan days, I like lighter, less traditional versions of Thanksgiving desserts. These no-bake vegan Thanksgiving desserts don’t require an oven, so they can be made at the last minute if you’re still in need of a finale for your meal.

Fran Costigan's Vegan Chocolate Pudding
Photo ©Kate Lewis

My top 10 favorite no-bake, no-oven needed vegan Thanksgiving desserts

  1. Baked Alaska This may seem strange, but it is my family’s tradition. Use leftover cake, and ganache you have in your freezer, buy some vegan ice cream and make Aquafaba Meringue. Freeze until you are ready to serve and torch the meringue. (Baked Alaska is one of the most popular recipes in the Essential Vegan Desserts Course.
  2. Cranberry Pear Slump Follow the recipe for the Blueberry Slump, but use pears and cranberries instead.
  3. Simplest Maple Tofu Cream spooned over fresh, seasonal fruit.
  4. Pumpkin Pie Verrine with Candied Pecans and Coconut Whipped Cream
    • Line a wine glass or similar with Graham Cracker Crumbs.
    • Make Pumpkin Pie Filling without the arrowroot.
    • Layer Pumpkin Pie Filling, Vanilla Custard Cream, and serve with more whipped cream and candied pecans.
  5. A plate of Chocolate Truffles, especially ginger flavored, as ginger helps digestion.
  6. Almost Instant Chocolate Pudding
  7. Vanilla Custard Cream, lemon zest added with lots of fruit.
  8. Super Stuffed Baked Apples
  9. Jasmine Poached Pears
  10. Medjool Dates stuffed with a bit of Chocolate Ganache and half a walnut.

Jasmin Poached Pears

I’d love to know what you make—pies, cakes, cookies? What are your traditions?

I am sending best wishes to each one of you with gratitude for your support of my work. My wishes on this Thanksgiving are for peace, love, good food, shelter, and respect for all.










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