Orange Dreamsicle Bars from Super Vegan Scoops by Hannah Kaminsky

Summer is just around the corner, and one of my favorite summer treats is ice cream. There isn’t much that’s more refreshing than a creamy treat on a hot day, and the flavors of this Orange Dreamsicle Ice Cream Bar take me back to the carefree summer days of my childhood.

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Hannah Kaminsky has done it again. The author of 7 books has written number 8, and it is unsurprisingly another beauty. Just in time for summer, Super Vegan Scoops, which launches June 1, 2021, will have everyone, vegan or non-vegan, clamoring for a cool dessert.

I first met Hannah many years ago at a bloggers conference, I knew we’d be seeing great recipes, photos, and commentaries with her name attached, and that is just what happened. Hannah not only develops reliable (read they work) delicious recipes, she is a sought-after photographer. All of her books reflect her talents, the photos are stunning.

Over the years, I’ve hired Hannah to photograph several of my desserts for magazine articles. She’s easy to work with, efficient… well, simply amazing.  The photos, in each instance were so good it was hard to choose the one to use. Among the photos Hannah has taken for me are  Chocolate Almond Torte and Gluten-Free Brownie Bites.

Recently relocated from San Francisco to Austin, Hannah is having fun trying the many vegan options in that vegan friendly city. Austin is are lucky to have her. And, we are lucky to have Hannah’s latest book, Super Vegan Scoops. In addition to frozen desserts, you’ll find chewy cookies and crisp chocolate shells, lots of tips on equipment, timing, an ingredient and equipment glossary.  Hannah has included some recipes that don’t require an ice cream machine.

Orange Dreamsicle Ice Cream Bars

Ice Cream is the tip of the month in my most recent newsletter (view it here), so it was a perfect coincidence when Hannah sent me the recipe of her Orange Dreamsicle Ice Cream Bars to share. Enjoy the recipe and preorder the book, Super Vegan Scoops. You’ll love it! Follow Hannah on Instagram. I’m buying popsicle molds today so I can make my nostalgic treat, but now vegan.

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