Quick and Easy Vegan Soft Serve 4th of July Dessert

Nice cream with cherry on top

Red, white and blue, this 5-minute vegan Banana Blueberry Soft Serve Nice Cream with a Cherry on top is the perfect 4th of July dessert!Red, white and blue, this 5-minute vegan Banana Blueberry Soft Serve Nice Cream with a Cherry on top is the perfect 4th of July dessert for one or two! Of course, it can be scaled to feed more people.

4th of July Dessert

I found myself craving a creamy, fast and easy, no churn frozen dessert last week, with the temperatures in Philadelphia staying over 90F for days. With NAVS Summerfest over this holiday (I am actually leaving on the 4th), I had no reason to make a big traditional 4thof July dessert. You can find some of my favorite ones in my blog archives, but still, I wanted a frozen treat now. What I made with this small amount of fruit was about 1 cup, and that was more than I ate. Believe me when I say this is so good, I’d even serve it to vegan actor Zac Efron!

4th of July Dessert, blue berry nice creamNice Cream

As I said, the temperatures have been in the 90s all week in Philadelphia, and across the US and Europe, it’s been even higher, so watermelon and other cooling foods, think tofu and cucumbers have been on my plate often. I love summer cherries and have eaten more than I thought possible. But now I wanted ice cream. Frozen banana-based ice creams, or soft serves actually, are known as “nice cream.” Made right, they satisfy like good soft serve ice creams. Dairy-free, no sweetener needed, quick and easy to make, and versatile, as frozen bananas take on the flavor and color of other ingredients. I make mine in a food processor but am tempted by machines like these. My friend Char Nolan swears by her Yonanas.

The attractive 4thof July cupcake bakers holding the Banana Blueberry Soft Serve Nice Creams were purchased last year after the holiday and held in my baking closet. It pays to be thrifty.

Follow the recipe for the Nice Cream here, and add some freeze-dried blueberries (raspberries or strawberries) if you wish. I loved the unexpected crunch of the freeze-dried fruit and I am thinking about a corn soft serve made with crunch freeze dried corn next.

Nice Cream with cherry, coconut and marshmallowNice Cream Tip:

You’ll find food grade desiccant packs, nestled into the freeze-dried fruits,  and they are necessary to keep the fruit crips.  I grind freeze dried fruit only as needed since the fruit powder turns hard and clumpy fast. I purchased desiccant to keep meringue cookies crisper and use extra in these fruits too. Check to make sure yours are food grade like these. I sprinkled Supernatural White Sequins on one cup and large flake coconut on the other.

Nice cream with cherry on topNice Cream Ick:

One chunk of banana was an icy mess but still, it processed into a creamy, healthy no-sugar added soft serve ice cream

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