Thanksgiving is coming. Do you have all your veggies in a row? Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes

I’ve got vegan Thanksgiving recipes and tips to make this holiday fun and delicious….for everyone. 

Vegan Chocolate Pecan Pie

Today I started planning and wanted to share my process with you. I’ve also got 4  links to articles that are filled with plant-based recipes and tips for everyone.

  • Inventory my refrigerator/freezer to check for ingredients that can be used. (and wipe it out while I’m on it)
  • Ditto, check the pantry.
  • Make a menu, noting who is making what.
  • Then check for baking and serving dishes, pots and pans, storage containers
  • Make a list–in a notebook so I can find it!
  • Menu; shopping list for groceries, any kitchen equipment, tableware
  • Draft the menu and make a Game Plan

This is no chore for me. I love the sense of discovery, and while I focus on the tasks at hand, I catch up on podcasts.

In my freezer are staples: nuts, seeds, flours, vegan butter, frozen fruit, aquafaba, date and prune purees, and bits of desserts. You can see this is an ordinary freezer. Gritting my teeth, I’m getting ready to renovate my kitchen and will invite you to come along.

Game Plan

  • Shop
  • Prep
  • Store the whole or components
  • Cook-Bake-Store

If you are still working on your menu, you’ll want to check out these links with an abundance of recipes, and in the case of the @Rouxbe e-book, tips on prep as well.

Vegan Candied Nuts

Rouxbe Culinary School has created a gorgeous recipe booklet with techniques and tips, from appetizers to mains.  Just  Here you are: 

Rouxbe Cauliflower Steaks
Rouxbe Cauliflower Steaks for Thanksgiving

The Philadelphia Inquirer  Recipes from Rich Landau, Vedge and Rachel Klein, Miss Rachel’s Pantry and dessert by Fran Costigan

Thanksgiving Flavors in a Cocoa Cake

The Oregonian 35 recipes for vegan Thanksgiving

Vegan Holiday Roast

Vegan Thanksgiving Desserts


Relax and have fun. Don’t do more than feels comfortable. Others can bring food, you can even order some or all of the meal too.

Take time for gratitude and a walk after the meal.

I am so grateful for my life, for my family of origin and family of friends, and that includes my readers.

Please tell me about your holiday meal, what you like, what you do not, by leaving a comment on the blog.














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