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 Vegan Siclly
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As some of you know, I love Italy and have been privileged to visit many of the regions over many years. I’ve not yet been to Sicily, although I have been eager to do so. At last–this fall– that will change!  I’m going to visit the Sicily and in the best of all possible ways, and I’m writing to invite you to come along with me!

While it was hard to imagine a more beautiful experience than last summer’s Vegano-Cilento Tour, I know this year’s magnificent 9-day Vegano Sicily tour, October 6 to 14, which I personally co-created with Gretchen and Pasquale of Tierno Tours, offers even richer cultural and culinary experiences.

Before I gush on, here are a few of the Tour Highlights

  • Enjoy charming hotel stays in Ortigia, Modica and Taormina
  • Savor special meals, tailored to our group by chef Fran and Michelin-starred chefs
  • Visit and learn about Aztec chocolate in its original home, Modica
  • Discover Mt. Etna and the treasures of Sicily through local guides
  • Experience a truly one of a kind cultural and culinary tour

Last summer, during my “Vegano-after trip” to Rome, my interest in Sicily intensified, as the Ciacometti, manager of the elegant Sicilian gelateria Vicere, enthused about the culinary, historical and cultural experiences to be had in Sicily. Of the many intensely flavored, creamy vegan gelato choices, my favorites were the arangia rosso (blood orange), pistachio (the best of which are grown in Sicily), and the dark chocolate. As I nibbled on the Chocolates of Modica sold in the shop, I was reminded of the Aztec-type chocolate I know. Sure enough, it is that very kind of chocolate, and is still made by the ancient methods in Modica today. “But why in Italy,” I wondered? Well, we’ll learn the answer together, as we taste this pure chocolate at the very source in the oldest chocolate shop in Modica, before we head to the Chocolate Museum. The history of the region is fascinating. Why were ancient Jewish baths found under our hotel on the island of Ortigia? And the beauty is renowned. I’ve heard it said that Modica looks like a movie set.

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As if this isn’t enough, I am creating our special menu, alongside Michelin-starred Chef, Accursio Craparo in Modica. If you are worried about all the eating, well, don’t. There’s lots of walking, even hiking, should you like. I still shake my head thinking about the genrous amounts of bread, pasta, and gelato, I ate last summer, considering none of is part of my regular routine. In Cilento, I honestly don’t know how I managed to feast twice a day, washing it all down with wine, and still manage to be hungry by the next meal, but I did. I’m guessing it was because the food was all so utterly fresh. I still salivate thinking about it. And this year in Sicily, I know it will even be better.

The meals and snacks, and cooking classes are strictly vegan, but every manner of eater will be absolutely satisfied. The tour is limited to just 16 people, and is sure to fill quickly. Read on as I gush, but do have a look at the complete itinerary here! Any questions you have can be answered by our travel agent Donna, so don’t hesitate to contact her, and feel free to reach out to me, too.


We will all learn together at the source about extra virgin olive oil and wines of the region. Of course we will enjoy the bounty of fruits, vegetables, nuts, special dishes of Sicily. Arancini, cheesy rice balls are a specialty. We’ll enjoy them too, veganized and no less delectible. Another of the real culinary treats will be learning about Sicilian bread from Chef Ciccio Sultano, before we enjoy a special lunch created by the Michelin-starred chef himself. In the evening, I’ll be giving a cooking demonstration in Modica. You can participate or not, with or without vino.


I can’t wait to sit at a communal table, as we refill each other’s wine glasses, dig into platter after platter of fragrant vegetables, perfectly prepared legumes, earthy handmade pasta dishes, “oohing” and “aahing” (and likely snapping photos the whole time), as friendships form, that extend well beyond the trip.

Sunday Dinner Vegan Italy
3 hour Vegan Italian Fest

Sicily is stunning, interesting, unique and largely absent of tourists, so we’ll get to see “real” Italy with our knowledgeable Italian hosts and local guides. You’ll have time to tour and leisurely time to shop or just sit and admire the views too. The fact is, it’s not just about monuments, ruins, and the best food you’ve ever had, which just happens to be vegan, it’s just so much fun to spend time with an intimate group of 16 like-minded folks. Here’s to Vegan Sicily!

The only word I can think of to describe this trip is magical. I’d love to sprinkle some magic dust on you and whisk you away with me! I hope you’ll come!  You can find more about it here. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed. But don’t delay, as the group is limited to 16 travelers.

So tell me what you think in the comments!


Ciao Ciao for now!



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